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Pipe Supplier Delivery Services

Certified Expediting Department

U.S. Metals has an extensive expediting department to provide support for its customers project management teams.

Our expediting teams priority is to pro actively insure orders are shipped and received on time, in good condition. In order to meet our customers required need dates, the expediting department uses planning, coordination and execution skills. Planning is done on every order to identify and rectify any potential delays that are discovered at any of the worldwide U.S. Metals suppliers.

Coordination between each department within our company is our key to providing materials in emergency situations. Execution skills are highly tuned and cultivated thru consistent training within our expediting department.

U.S. Metals sales representatives, expeditors, quality assurance and warehouse personnel work as a team, using consistent communication flow, to move the customers orders thru our system in a timely and efficient manner to meet their material needs.