Inconel® Pipe Valves Fittings Flanges

U. S. Metals Diverse Inventory Offers a Full Range of Inconel® Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Flanges

U. S. Metals diverse inventory offers a full range of INCONEL® Pipe, Valves, Fittings & Flanges that is prominent in the process
industry. Our support of the power & process industry is reflected in the specialty grades of material that we inventory to support outage & maintenance requirements.  

These INCONEL® alloys retain strength, toughness and resistance to corrosion in a high temperature environment. These alloys are used across a wide range of industries including refineries, chemical plants and power generation facilities. INCONEL® 600 is used in process heaters and high purity water systems in nuclear reactors. INCONEL® 625 is an acceptable material for heat exchanger tubing and flowing sea water.

Our ability to provide INCONEL® products on a project basis is one of our strongest capabilities and is unmatched in our industry.

Turnarounds or outages, planned retrofits or emergency situations, grassroots projects worldwide; U.S. Metals has the experienced staff to assist you on all of your specialty alloy requirements, no matter how detailed the specification, no matter how
difficult the situation.

New industry requirements, not an issue. We work closely with agencies like EPRI along with our utility and refining clients to be on the cutting edge of new industry requirements that affect your high energy/high temperature piping systems.

Our inventory is evolving to meet the new specifications that prevent current issues as creep cracking and hardness problems.

  • Trade Name
    Inconel® 600
    Inconel® 625
    UNS #
    Seamless Pipe / Tube
    B/SB167, B/SB163
    Welded Pipe / Tube
    B/SB517, B/SB516, B474
    B/SB705, B474, B/SB704
    Buttweld Fittings*
    B/SB366 Grade WPNCI
    B/SB366 Grade WPNCMC
    Forged Valves
    Forged Fittings
    Cast Steel Valves
    UNS N06040
    UNS N26625

    * The Following must be included with the ASTM designation and graded for the description to be complete:
    WP (S) = Seamless
    WP (W) = Welded
    WP (WX) = Welded with 100% x-ray
    WP (U) = Welded with 100% Ultrasonic examination
    CR = Corrosion resistant in acordance with MSS SP-43

    Nickel Alloy Specifications especially in pipe and tube refer only to the UNS number for material identification. Classes and Grades are occasionally used to identify options for items such as NDT, heat treatment or different methods employed when welding with filler metal such as single welded or double welded. These options do not result in an additional UNS number in the nickel materials.

    Grades/Classes/Identification Symbols are shown in this table only when they are used for material identification.

    Data in this table (except for Valve Castings) was taken from the 2013 editions, Section One Volume 01.01 and Section Two Volume 02.04, of the annual book of ASTM Standards. Casting Specification Data was from Volume 01.02, same edition.

Refer to ASME B & PV Code Section II for non-identical A/SA and B/SB requirements.
Inconel® is a registered trademark name of Special Metals Corporation.