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In-House Testing Capabilities

A Quality Control Program that extends throughout our entire organization.

PMI capable using the NITON XLp 800 Series Alloy Analyzer provides the portability, flexibility and performance for on-site metals verification. The Niton XLp 800 Series performs non-destructive chemical analysis via simultaneous detection and quantification of fluorescent x-rays of multiple elements in test sample.

Due to the increasing demands, expanding analytical capabilities to test new metal types is simply a matter of updating the software. Mobile Hardness Testing using the Krautkramer MIC 10. The MIC 10 provides both Vickers and Brinell Hardness Testing using the static UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method. In addition our qualified personnel perform thorough liquid penetrant (LP) examination, magnetic particle (MP), and ultrasonic thickness verification. If additional testing is required, approved independent laboratories are available to perform industry tests.