Serving the Oil Refinery Industry

From our International Warehouse Facility in Houston, TX, U.S. Metals supports refinery projects, turnarounds (TAR), and plant emergency shutdowns worldwide. Our globally recognized pipe, heater tube, valve, and fitting inventory includes:

  • Alloy P5
  • Alloy P9
  • Alloy P11
  • Alloy P22
  • Alloy P91
  • Alloy 20
  • Alloy 400
  • Specialty Nickel
  • Stainless 321/321H
  • Stainless 347/347H
  • Stainless 317/317L
  • Low RE Carbon Steel

Benefits of U.S. Metals’ Refinery Products & Services

U.S. Metals has a deep understanding of the technical challenges posed by refinery environments. Your oil refinery application requires pipe components that endure temperature and pressure extremes and are resistant to corrosion and moisture exposure.

To ensure that your refinery runs safely and smoothly, U.S. Metals  sales staff are trained and experienced in downstream sector pipe requirements.

Partner with U.S. Metals Today

To protect your investment and assure peace of mind, U.S. Metals complies with international quality standards, customer specifications, and power plant industry guidelines—including standards that address utility issues like creep cracking and hardness problems in P91 pipe. To get in touch or request an estimate, call 800.676.7836. For your convenience, you can also submit a RFQ and a U.S. Metals Sales Representative will be in touch promptly to serve you!