Serving the Global Power Generation Industry

U.S. Metals serves some of today’s most critical industries with its seasoned, worldwide presence. Headquartered at our International Warehouse Facility in Houston, TX, we support grassroots power projects and work to prevent and remedy costly plant outages.

U.S. Metals’ Depth of Experience

Our team of technical sales professionals supply materials for combined-cycle natural gas, coal, solar, and geothermal power projects. Our globally recognized inventory is complete with:

  • Alloy P11
  • Alloy P22
  • Alloy P91
  • Alloy P92
  • Alloy P23
  • Pipes
  • Valves
  • Fittings

Power plants around the U.S. and beyond rely on our team to provide dedicated project management, expedited product delivery, and cost-effective pricing.

Power Plant Offerings & Value-Added Benefits

Natural gas plants, coal-fired plants, solar facilities, require pipes, flanges, and fittings that perform under technically challenging conditions. These include temperature extremes, high-pressure environments, moisture, and corrosion. Whatever the threat, we have a solution—whether you are building a new power generation plant, retrofitting an existing plant, mitigating an outage, or bringing your facility up to the latest industry codes. To meet the needs of mission-critical power providers, U.S. Metals proudly offers:

Partner with U.S. Metals Today

To protect your investment and assure peace of mind, U.S. Metals complies with international quality standards, customer specifications, and power plant industry guidelines—including standards that address utility issues like creep cracking and hardness problems in P91 pipe. To get in touch or request an estimate, call 800.676.7836. For your convenience, you can also submit a RFQ and a U.S. Metals Sales Representative will be in touch promptly to serve you!