HF Acid Valves from PetrolValves

( UOP Gate Valves, UOP Globe Valves, UOP Check Valves)

U.S. Metals is the largest stocking distributor for PetrolValves HF Acid Valve in the Americas.

PetroValves HF Acid Vavle inventory is unsurpassed and is considered one of the most extensive Hydrofluoric Acid valve inventories in the world!

PetrolValves began producing specialty valves destined for the HF Alkylation industry and for the processing of Hydrofluoric Acid in 1958. The engineering, design, production, manufacturing and quality control departments have worked, in conjunction with the industries innovators and technology licensors, in a concerted effort to continuously improve the performance and reliability of our HF Valve. This evolution has been achieved by improving design features and machining standards while upgrading the selection of material utilized to meet or exceed applicable codes (API and ANSI) and customer's requirements.

Gate Valves, Globe Valves and Check Valves ANSI class 150 to 800:

HF valves product line covers the entire Gate, Globe and Check UOP range, as per classes and sizes required by UOP specifications. Each pipe class includes a wide range of valves, in order to cover all applications. ANSI class 150 to 800 Sizes 1/2" to 24", BW or flanged, Design based on latest UOP specifications. (special sizes or end connections available upon request).

  • 4" - 12" 300# WCB / Monel
    Alloy 400 ASTM B564
    1/2" - 1 1/2" Monel / Monel SW, THD & Flanged Ends
    Metal Seated
    UOP and Phillips Approved & Licensed
    Carbon Steel & Monel / Full Monel Construction
HF Acid Cast Valves

By working with end users, the technology licenser, and following API and ANSI standards, PetrolValves has enhanced the HF Valve design in the following ways:

  • Renewable Seat Rings threaded into Monel overlaid pockets in Carbon Steel bodies with Nickel butter layer for separation - Simplifies Maintenance.

  • Seal Welded Seats options: Proprietary single and double seal weld processes ensure integrity in the heat affected zone and provide long term solutions extending operation between turnarounds while maintaining integrity.

  • Gland Packing System, that conforms to applicable International Standards.

  • The periphery of HF valve flanges, bonnet flanges included, are painted with VOC compliance HF indicating paint.

  • Complete Fire-Safe Design.

  • Sealant injectors are available for seats and packing (where required by UOP specifications).

  • Special Sizes available upon request.

  • Design which Allows for Simple, Low-Cost Maintenance and Extends Life.

  • Extended Life Expectancy.

Material selection for alkylation purpose is determined by UOP specifications, starting from HF-1, the most critical class, to HF-7, the less critical one. All valve materials are selected according to UOP specs:

UOP Pipe Class

Materials of construction

Body/bonnet material Trim material
HF-1 Monel Monel
HF-10 Monel Monel
HF-2 / HF-20 Carbon steel Monel
HF-4 / HF-40 Carbon steel Monel
HF-5 / HF-50 Carbon steel Monel
HF-6 / HF-60 Carbon steel 13% Cr (AISI 410)
HF-7 Carbon steel 13% Cr (AISI 410)

Notes and upgrades on material selection:

  • Where Monel trims are required, all trim parts are constructed in solid Monel materials and only K500 Monel stems are used for increased strength to minimize stem bending.

  • Combining Monel 400 seat rings with K500 solid forged Monel wedges eliminates the risk of galling between the critical sealing surfaces to ensure long-term sealing performance

  • Carbon steel with Monel Overlay is never utilized as a base element in primary closure member components, such as the wedge or seat rings.

Double seal welded Monel seat ring:

PetrolValves, in compliance with UOP specifications, takes advantage of a double seal welding for Monel seat rings into Carbon Steel body pockets. This solution is proven over the long-term to completely eliminate any risk of HF Acid attacking, thanks to the seal weld sealing effectiveness. This offers the best solution against seat pocket corrosion, because there is zero acid fluid leakage between the Monel seat ring and the carbon steel seat pocket.

Threaded Seat Pocket with Monel Overlay with nickel butter layer for separation:

PetrolValves developed a technique for the overlay of Monel 400 on Cast/Forged Carbon Steel valves of small sizes. Our procedures have proven over the long-term to eliminate any risk of HF Acid attacking and cutting through the heat affected zone, effectively extending operating cycles between turnarounds while maintaining high integrity isolation capability. Between Monel 400 overlay and carbon steel body, a Nickel butter layer is provided for separation, as per latest UOP specification requirements. This offers a high performance long-term solution for seat pocket corrosion, and guarantees the renewability of valve seats.

Wedge Teflon Seat Seal Insert with backup secondary seal for fire-safe function:

In case perfect sealing efficiency is required, PTFE inserts are available, where required by UOP specifications. As a primary seal, Teflon offers isolation integrity where bubble tight shut off is critical. Petrolvalves special construction guarantees metal back-up to the soft insert, therefore the valves are fire-safe. While the Teflon provides a dependable seal, the disc life is extended as its wear ratio is reduced considerably.

Emergency Sealing Injector on packing/seats:

PetrolValves uses the standardized construction shown below for all factory fitted grease injectors. For all applications where emergency sealant or HF resistant sealant injection is required, the double ball isolation system is employed for both packing gland and seat sealant applications (two examples shown on the right; globe on top, gate on bottom), where integrity must be assured. PetrolValves only recommends Polymel 410 for sealant/lubrication suitability in HF Alkylation service. The housing is Carbon Steel made for HF-2 valves and solid Monel for HF-1 valves, while all interiors are Monel made.

Valve Serviceability:

PetrolValves has designed all valve components to be renewable and to be readily available as spare parts. In addition, HF valves have been designed for easy disassembly and maintenance. Valve seats can be renewed while valve body remains in the pipeline (with threaded designs options only). Monel overlays in the seat pocket areas extend the life expectancy of the product while offering unequalled performance between turnarounds. Since the effect of corrosion is greatly reduced in the critical areas, standard replacement parts can be utilized during the life of the valve. PetrolValves offers complete HF valve the service and maintenance both on-site and at PetrolValves service facilities. Our scope of activities encompasses the service and reconditioning associated with minor and major shutdowns. Please contact PetrolValves after sales dept. to assist you in your service, maintenance or reconditioning needs. All work comes with a manufacture warranty and is consistent with technology licensor requirements.

Information provided in this page is in accordance with the 2013 Edition of the ANNUAL BOOK OF ASTM STANDARDS.
Refer to ASME B & PV Section II for non-identical A/SA requirements