Chrome Moly Alloy Seamless Pipe

P91, P22, P5, P11, P9, P92 ( ASTM A335 & ASME SA335 ) Alloy Seamless Pipe

U.S. Metals is a Premier Worldwide Supplier for All Your Chrome Moly Alloy A335 / SA335 Seamless Piping Needs.

When your application demands high temperature pipe in corrosive environments, look no further than chrome moly alloy seamless pipe from U.S. Metals.  

U.S. Metals is a specialty metals supplier with an industry-leading selection of chrome moly seamless pipe. We source materials from top mills,which combined with our full suite of on-site value-added services, enables usto deliver quality products that meet any industry standard or customer requirement. 

We welcome all orders, including those with expedited 24/7 requirements, for your plant’s outages, turnarounds or emergency situations.Our inventory includes the following grades:

  • P92

Sizes range from ½” through 36” with wall thickness up to 4”.USM also has a full range of Alloy Heater Tubes.

Chrome Moly Alloy Seamless Pipe Characteristics

Chrome moly alloy seamless pipe is a tubular product with enhanced levels of chromium and molybdenum. The added chromium helps increase the steel’s hardenability and corrosion resistance, whereas the improved molybdenum helps bolster its toughness and corrosion resistance. Additional characteristics of chrome moly seamless pipe include:

  • Strong creep strength
  • Improved rigidity
  • Superior hardenability
  • Robust wear resistance
  • Good impact resistance
  • Easy to fabricate

Chrome moly alloy seamless pipe is manufactured from a solid, round billet and can withstand pressure better than its welded counterpart, which features a welded seam that creates a weak point. With no weld, chrome moly alloy seamless pipe is equally strong around its entire circumference.

Chrome Moly Alloy Seamless Pipe Applications

At U.S. Metals, we carry chrome moly alloy seamless pipe in a range of sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. With a vast chrome moly alloy seamless pipe inventory, our team can react quickly to the needs of a wide array of business sectors. Common industries we serve include:

Improve your process with high-quality chrome moly alloy seamless pipe from U.S. Metals. A trusted specialty metals supplier and service provider founded in 1980, our team of experts is dedicated to meeting customer needs on time and at an affordable price.

Contact us for more information about chrome moly alloy seamless pipe.

  • Trade Name 
    UNS #
    Forged / Bored Pipe *
    1 1/4 Chrome 
    A335 / SA335
    A369 / SA369
    2 1/4 Chrome 
    A335 / SA335
    A369 / SA369
    5 Chrome 
    A335 / SA335
    A369 / SA369
    9 Chrome 
    A335 / SA335
    A369 / SA369
    A335 / SA335
    A369 / SA369
    A335 / SA335
    A369 / SA369

    Materials in industry standard designations: STD, 40, XH, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH
    Special customer designated nominal and minimum wall thicknesses can also be furnished.
    Non standard OD & ID are available.

    * U.S. Metals can offer pipe from turned and bored forgings in accordance with Specifications A/SA369 when client requirements for size, wall thickness, quantity or delivery cannot be met by material available under Specifications A/SA335.

    A/SA369 material is manufactured in grades including FP11, FP22, FP5, FP9, FP91, and FP92 corresponding to the same grades listed above for A/SA335.

  • This specification covers nominal wall and minimum wall seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe intended for high-temperature service. Pipe ordered to this specification shall be suitable for bending, flanging (vanstoning), and similar forming operations, and for fusion welding. Selection will depend upon design, service conditions, mechanical properties, and high-temperature characteristics.
Orders for material under this specification should include the following, as required, to describe the desired material adequately:

  • Quantity (feet, metres, or number of lengths)
  • Name of material (seamless alloy steel pipe)
  • Grade
  • Manufacture (hot-finished or cold-drawn)
  • Size using one of the following:
    • NPS and schedule number
    • Outside diameter and nominal wall thickness
    • Outside diameter and minimum wall thickness
    • Inside diameter and nominal wall thickness
    • Inside diameter and minimum wall thickness
  • Length (specific or random)
  • End finish (Ends Section of Specification A999/A999M)
  • Optional requirements (Section 8, 12 and 13 of this specification. See the Sections on Hydrostatic Test Requirements and Permissible Variation in Weight for Seamless Pipe in Specification A999/A999M)
  • Specification designation
  • Special requirements or any supplementary requirements selected, or both.

Information provided in this page is in accordance with the 2013 Edition of the ANNUAL BOOK OF ASTM STANDARDS.
Refer to ASME B & PV Section II for non-identical A/SA requirements