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U.S. Metals was established in 1980 and provides refineries, petro-chemical plants, power plants, and other related industries with a vast readily available supply of piping components.

Over the last 30 years, we have has strategically expanded our locations throughout the United States to help support our growing customer base.

You will notice a big difference when you call U.S. Metals for all your PVF needs. That big difference is in the service we give you. Service from seasoned professionals. Service from people who understand your problems. Our response time is tailored to your specific needs. Continuing service and customer support is our way of developing a strong alliance with you and your company. Our goal is to cultivate repeat business, which is why we say...


U.S. Metals' goal with using the latest in Technology is to work smart and stress less. We have unlimited capabilities to take and process orders from EDI to Big Chief tablet. We provide immediate access to an extensive and perpetual inventory database that works in tandem with your sales and service personnel.

At the core of our system you will find IBM's latest iSeries Mid-Range system and we arm our employees with the latest desktop or mobile units to bring you the service U.S. Metals is known for. We create solutions and ask questions that others would never have thought to ask. U.S. Metals brings together extraordinary resources, people and ideas.

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Steve Scott
President & C.E.O of U.S. Metals.

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