Pipe, Valve, Fitting & Flange Preparation Services

pipe material preparation

At U.S. Metals, both of our warehouses ( Houston Main & Indiana ) can perform an array of in-house material preparation services on our vast readily available supply of Specialty Alloy, Stainless Steel, Nickel piping components as value added service to our customers ( refineries, petro-chemical plants, power plants, ) and other related industries.

We employ the lastest equipment to keep up us with industry standards which helps us deliver our products on time via our value added material preparation.

  • Cutting of pipe: mechanical saw to any length

  • Custom marking of material to the customers specifications including continuos stencil marking down length ofmaterial and low stress impact marking,

  • Custom printed stainless steel valve tags to your specific needs

  • Product protection for local and worldwide shipping of all materials including capping, crating, and heat shrink wrapping of material and pallets.

  • Preparation of material for export including required documentation as required by the customer

  • Color coding

  • Machine beveling up to 36" od